For spaceflight mission support, our engineers and scientists provide imagery acquisition planning and image analysis services. They assess system requirements, design, integration, test, and verification data for certifying hardware for robotic operations on the ISS and perform mission analysis, planning and readiness, mission science management, sample curation, and sample cold stowage hardware and logistics.

Test, Verify, Certify

Jacobs provides an extensive range of reliability testing and prototyping solutions for any aerospace hardware or software application. By providing a full range of testing services, we ensure reliability of critical space systems. We test for issues involving thermal vacuum, re-entry environments, electromagnetic compatibility, mechanical reliability and acoustic vibration. 


Jacobs provides resources, materials, and labor necessary to produce quality flight, ground support, prototype, test hardware, and research & development. We offer experience and expertise in precision machining, sheet metal, welding, precision cleaning, soft goods, composites, models, non-metallics, and assembly.  Also, our electronics group fabricates interface components and assemblies.  


We provide innovative solutions from on-the-ground to on-orbit to deep space exploration.  Areas of expertise include project management; systems engineering and integration; design and analysis; systems safety; aero-sciences and guidance; navigation and control; simulation, software/firmware and assessments of instruments, suits, landing sites and surface operations. 

“It was a conscience decision for me to come to Jacobs because of the culture.”