Safety, Environmental
& Health

Ensures the safety and health of employees through effective occupational and environmental management practices. Provides services and leadership in the areas of occupational safety, regulatory compliance, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, test safety, risk management and workers' compensation, and employee training programs.

Woman in a grey blazer is giving a presentation to her colleagues in the office conference room.

Business Office

Oversees accounting, internal controls, audits, financial reporting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, procurement, subcontract management, contract management and reporting, small business engagement, and Export Control.


Provides video, photography, graphic design, website development, printing, fabrication and technical writing services.

Man editing on a dual monitor computer making color changes on footage.
Studio shot of a group of people waiting in a line against a blue background.

Human Resources

Oversees recruiting, interviewing and hiring of new staff, administers employee compensation and benefit programs and labor and employee relations, promotes career development, and provides orientation programs for new hires.

Information Technology

Responsible for IT enterprise management, business applications and computer infrastructure, office automation products and services, IT security, software development, project management, and specialized IT applications for NASA.

Mission Assurance Office

Ensures the disciplined application of systems engineering, risk management, quality, and management principles to achieve mission success. By reaching across the enterprise, supply chain, business partners and customer base, ensures the safety and quality of spaceflight hardware while establishing and maintaining compliance and process programs.

Performance, External Pursuits & Integration

Provides task order management, contract performance and innovations management, and external pursuits.