Supporting NASA

As part of NASA’s largest integrated solutions provider, the Jacobs team at JSC contributes proven experience and innovative solutions to many NASA and commercial space exploration projects and programs. We have created, designed, developed, and tested systems that enable human spaceflight to achieve breakthroughs in our understanding of our Earth, the universe, and of ourselves. Priorities for space exploration may change but Jacobs’ commitment to ensuring NASA advances the scientific and exploratory goals of the nation remains firm.

Come explore new possibilities with us.

Illustration of Artemis 1 orbital path from the Earth to the Moon.

Commercial Crew

NASA’s Commercial Crew Program’s original equipment manufacturers, such as SpaceX, Blue Origin, Sierra Nevada Corporation, and Boeing, are tasked with delivering safe, reliable, and cost-effective human transportation to and from the International Space Station. Jacobs routinely collaborates with each of these commercial partners in development support, risk assessment, and testing of critical crew life-support systems, thermal control systems, as well as advanced docking system analysis and testing.

Our team of engineers provide oversight and monitoring of commercial crew vehicle life-support systems development and oversee flight software and avionics systems development being performed by spacecraft vendors. Aerodynamic and aerothermodynamic simulations of launch, abort, and re-entry, as well as parachute analyses are performed for Commercial Crew Program missions. We provide oversight of integrated guidance, navigation and control performance for Commercial Crew Program providers SpaceX and Boeing.